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12 Reasons You Should wear Baltic Amber Daily


Family of jewelry master with an expirience of more then 100 years will create for you YOUR Amber beauty


  •      helps to reduce aches and pains from arthritis, muscle stiffness, injuries pain

  •      It is a very beatiful healthy jewelry

  •      can help you to avoid medication with side effects

  •      can help you feel more energized

  •      can help your skin look healthier

  •      brings anxiety relief

  •      balances emotions

  •      stones aid in dealing with insomnia

  •      can help inflammatory pain

  •      can be good for your skin

  •      supports the immune system

  •      worn close to the throat may help combat thyroid issues

  •      helps against depression and stress     

Nowadays, the natural creation of amber, unfortunately, is no longer happening. Each stone and drop is unique.

That is why Baltic Amber is also a very good investment. Each Jewellery made of Baltic Amber is beautiful and unique. All our products are HANDMADE and certified.