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  People know AMBER for thousands years It was well known in the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and during the reign of the Egyptian pharaohs. When cracks appeared on the trees, resin was flowing out, and thanks to the warm climate, turpentine and water evaporated. The remaining resin solidified on the trunks and branches of trees and hardened over time. Years and even centuries passed. Due to various natural disasters - storms, hurricanes, floods and others - the trees broke, fell, covered with layers of the earth, or went to the bottom of the sea. The petrified resin gradually turned into AMBER, which we now find in the form of icicles, drops and other various, sometimes bizarre forms.

  44 million years old raw material. Well known in the   Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and Egypt. Nowadays, the  natural creation of amber, unfortunately, is no longer  happening. Each stone and drop is unique.


Nowadays, the natural creation of amber, unfortunately, is no longer happening, since the ancient pine trees were significantly different from the current ones.That is why Baltic Amber is also a very good investment.

When you wear Baltic Amber, some of its succinic acid (it is the other name of amber acid) in very small amounts absorbs through your skin into your body.

Today’s modern medicine also uses amber acid, which is taken from the Baltic amber. And yes, today’s modern medicine uses that acid to heal people. It is expensive, so many people use natural Baltic amber as an alternative for amber acid sold by pharmacists.

BALTIC AMBER (the type usually recommended for teething) does contain succinic acid. Other types may not. Succinic acid melts at 187 °C but it’s moderately soluble in water. Succinic acid is found naturally in our bodies and in many foods. There is some history of succinic acid being used externally to treat pain. Its chemical formula is C4H6O4. Melting point of 184-187 degrees C. Succinic acid is a white crystalline powder, whose taste is similar to ascorbic acid (also called Vitamin C). It does not stay in the body for a long time. Amber acid helps both body and mind. There are many recipes in ancient Chinese medicine, where Baltic amber is used. Amber acid is antiseptic and it is extremely good for your health.  

Amber acid does not have any known side effects. 

​Each Jewellery made of Baltic Amber is beautiful and unique.

All our products are HANDMADE and certified.

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