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Baltic Amber Tea

                  What is the taste of Baltic Amber tea ?

Baltic amber’s origin is similar to pine (extincted now) tree resin. Not sweet, a little bit bitter, amazing smell. If you drink amber tea in normal concentration, you should not obtain much of a taste at all, or it should be very, very weak.

That is why amber tea is often used with other herbs and honey.

                    Recipe of Amber Tea

– black tea 
– 2 g of amber for a cup (300-400ml) of clean water.
– 1 teaspoon of honey


Rub the pieces a little with your fingers in the water to remove the dust which might be there. 
Pour the amber with water at a temperature of around 80 ° C and let it brew for 15  minutes, ensuring that the water temperature does not drop (you can put a cup in warmer water or place it over a heater that will maintain the temperature). After this time, add tea and sweeten with honey according to your taste.

​You could technically use the same amber pieces many times. 

Schmuck Schweiz, Bernstein, Amber Switzerland

BALTIC Amber Tea Stones contain Amber Acid, which is :

   - is antiseptic (kills microbes)

   - strengthens immune system

   - cleanses the body and reduces the negative effects of stress

  - is antiseptic and it is extremely good for your health

  - does not have any known side effects. 

  - helps to protect you from mosquiroes and bees

  - helps to cure the throught aches


Interesting NOTE: Baltic Amber Stones can be also used to keep your flowers in a blossom for longer. Just place 3-4 little Baltic Amber stones into the vase and fill it up with a clean water

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